Come lease with us!

Our leasing events are your best opportunity to apply for an apartment at our newest communities. You can meet your potential new neighbors, get to know our professional leasing staff, and take advantage of special event-only offers.*

Read more to learn about what to expect at the event, what you should bring, and when our next events will be held.

*Special offers vary by location/event and are only available during the event.

A couple smiling as they complete paperwork with a leasing professional

What to expect when you come to a leasing event

To maximize your chances of getting your application reviewed, make sure to arrive on time. While we’re eager to see you, please respect our start time, and follow the signage to find us.

At the event, our leasing professionals will guide you through four stations as we review your application:

  1. Check in
    • Get your number, and settle in to the waiting area until your turn. 
  2. Initial review
    • Our team will check to see whether you meet income requirements and, if applicable, age requirements. 
  3. Background screening
    • Pay your fees and undergo credit and criminal background checks. 
  4. Review & finalize
    • Complete any additional paperwork that may be required for us to start verifying your household information, choose your new home, and pay your holding deposit. 
By the end of your journey at our event, you will know whether your household is pre-approved for an apartment at our community. Our leasing professionals will take it from there to confirm that you qualify, following our affordable housing program rules. We may need your assistance during that process, and your prompt response to any questions from our team is appreciated, as it will help us get you into your new home as efficiently as possible.

Make the most of your event!

To process your application as efficiently as possible, all household members 18+ must be present. 

Additionally, we require specific documentation. To make the most of your leasing event experience, please bring all pages of all documents listed. 

Proof of Identity

We need to verify your identity in order to process your application. Please bring:

  • Government-issued, valid photo ID. 
  • If you have a Social Security Number, bring your Social Security card, or documented proof of Social Security Number.

Income + Asset Information

To help us determine whether you qualify, we need to review your income, asset, and other information. 

  • A completed application.
    • You can download this from the website for the community to which you’re applying. 
  • Proof of income, such as:
    • 3 months of pay stubs, without gaps. 
    • A Social Security Award letter. 
    • If self-employed, prior two (2) years tax returns. 
  • Asset documentation, including:
    • Checking account statements (3 consecutive months).
    • Savings account statement (1 month). 
    • If self-employed, prior two (2) years tax returns.

Application + Deposit Fees

To process your application and secure an apartment, please bring two separate money orders:

  • $50 application fee, for each applicant 18+. 
  • $200 holding deposit, to secure your new apartment if your application is preapproved during the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t make our event- don’t worry!

Contact the leasing team at the community you’re interested in, and they will help you with your application.

Our affordable housing programs require that we verify income, asset, and student status. Specific requirements will vary by the type of apartment for which you apply, and the information provided on your application. 

We use the information you bring to the event to help us better determine whether you pre-qualify for our programs, before you pay any application fees or a holding deposit.

If your application is denied:

  • We will not collect your $200 holding deposit. 
  • While we are required to retain the documentation provided as part of your application, we can provide you with a copy of your information within 5-7 business days of the event, at your request.

After the event, if your application was pre-approved, we will begin verifying your information to confirm that your household qualifies for our affordable housing program. 

Depending on the information needed, this process can take several weeks. 

As part of this process, we may request additional information from you or another member of your household. It is critical that you respond promptly to any such requests. Please note, if we do not receive timely responses, we may deny your application. 

Upcoming Events

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